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La Guadalupe, Eladio Chamba

A delicate and complex coffee, with juicy notes of watermelon and fruit punch, and a Madagascar vanilla finish. Whole Bean, 8oz

La Guadalupe, Eladio Chamba


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Coffee Details

Eladio and his wife Clemencia are the proud owners of La Guadalupe, a 4-hectare farm that sits high above the remote town of Nambacola in Loja. La Guadalupe is one of the only remaining coffee farms in the region due to the rust outbreak that hit the area in 2012. At 2100 meters above sea level, they produce a very dense mix of both yellow and red Typica, Caturra and Bourbon throughout their land. They started producing washed coffees for the first time in 2015, and placed in the top 10 of the national coffee competition, Taza Dorada.

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Coffee weight


0.5lb / 8oz / 227g
Taste notes

Taste Notes

Watermelon, Fruit Punch, Madagascar Vanilla

Growing Altitude

2100-220 masl
Variety method

Variety/Processing Method

Caturra, Bourbon & Typica/Washed


Nambacola, Loja

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