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El Meridiano, Tolima

Round and approachable, flavors of red grape and orange zest, soft spiced cider aromas, and a toffee like sweetness. Whole Bean, 8oz

El Meridiano, Tolima

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Coffee Details

ASOCEAS, Asociación de Productores de Café Especial del Alto Saldana, is a group of about 50 small producers in the growing region of Tolima, Colombia. They produce upwards of 1,500 bags of coffee annually and consistently fetch good cup scores and prices for their coffees. Throughout the year this coffee dances around clean and round flavors of stonefruits, grapes, and sugary caramel notes. Since this region is close enough to the equator and diverse enough in it’s microclimates, there is a continual harvest happening almost year round guaranteeing fresh flavors and character any time you take a sip.

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Coffee weight


0.5lb / 8oz / 227g
Taste notes

Taste Notes

Red Grape, Orange Zest, Toffee

Growing Altitude

1500-1900 masl
Variety method

Variety/Processing Method

Caturra, Typica & Colombia/Washed


Herrera, Tolima

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