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Love Coffee? You're in Good Company.

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We strive to cultivate a distinct and immersive experience for both our employees and customers in and around our coffee bars. To accomplish this, we work to employ a team of truly passionate and talented individuals who possess a genuine drive, curiosity, and desire to learn about our craft and the intricacies that set us apart. If you love coffee and want to learn and grow with us, please apply for one of our current openings.


Our baristas are responsible for contributing to the distinct, educated, and unmatched coffee experience we strive to provide in and around our coffee bars. 

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  •  Demonstrates an enthusiastic desire to work with coffee
  •  Ability to function and be efficient within a team 
  •  Capable of executing multiple tasks at once
  •  Capable of remaining composed under stress
  •  Possesses exceptional level of customer service and professionalism
  •  Maintains an organized and methodical work style
  •  Ability to retain coffee specific knowledge of our current offerings, while exhibiting confidence and clarity when communicating product information




Retail Manager, Divisadero

The Retail Manager is responsible for the entirety of the customer experience, from the aesthetic presentation of the coffee bar to the quality of the service and product. They are also responsible for the coffee bar’s overall financial performance, including accurate ordering, careful hiring, thorough training, and proper waste management. The Retail Manager is expected to build a strong team of people who are both skilled and passionate, and to manage that team with compassion and care.

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  •  Has excellent communication and coaching skills
  •  Has a logical and methodological approach to problem solving
  •  Has the ability to keep a calm, professional, and mature demeanor
  •  Possesses both a love for coffee and high personal standards
  •  Is flexible, motivated, dedicated, and kind
  •  Enjoys, and is successful at, team building, leading, organizing, and strategizing 



  •  Assumes responsibility for all daily operations of the coffee bar
  •  Oversees all coffee bar employees, including hiring and terminating, performance and reviews, job descriptions and responsibilities, disciplinary actions and promotions
  •  Oversees “front of the house” operations, including customer service, beverage preparation and presentation, merchandising, and workflow
  •  Constantly strives to inspire team through thoughtful coaching and morale-improving events 
  •  Offers relevant and thoughtful strategies for improving operations
  •  Works with the Regional Retail Manager to develop and improve store policies of, and implements those policies with the aid of supporting management
  •  Manages “back of the house” operations including scheduling, ordering, and cash deposits
  •  Supports staff in practicing, through training and demonstration, proper store procedures including proper cash handling, punctual attendance, high product standards, and all other operational best practices
  •  Utilizes, guides, and elevates supporting management
  •  Responds to both customer and staff inquiries and issues with patience, confidence, and professionalism
  •  Coordinates frequent communications with the Regional Retail Manager




Assistant Manager, 7th Street Location

The Assistant Manager acts as an extension of the Retail Manager and assists them in all aspects of store operations, including decision making, policy creation, hiring and terminating, and disciplinary action. The Assistant Manager plays an essential supporting role in the management hierarchy. They must have stellar communication skills, display leadership talent, and exercise excellent judgment.

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  •  Must be able to maintain a positive demeanor while employing a sense of urgency
  •  Has a logical and methodological approach to problem solving
  •  Maintains excellent attendance and punctuality
  •  Is resourceful in challenging situations
  •  Is capable of leading without being demanding, and is supportive without being overbearing
  •  Is able to communicate clearly, honestly and promptly
  •  Is motivated, flexible, professional, and dedicated
  •  Practices good judgment in all situations



  •  Communicates all staff difficulties, triumphs, and feedback to Retail Manager
  •  Adheres to all company policies and protocols, and holds all coffee bar employees to that standard
  •  Aids in hiring and recruitment endeavors, including leading interviews and shift “stages”
  •  Aids in monitoring store performance including daily sales, waste management, and profitability analyses
  •  Coaches/mentors staff as necessary.  Aids in policy creation
  •  Places orders for supplies/equipment as needed and directed by manager.  Maintains positive relations with vendors
  •  Ensures adherence to the company’s dress code, as well as all health and safety requirements
  •  Maintains coffee knowledge on current offerings, and confidently and accurately communicates product information to customers and staff
  •  Handles all customer complaints/issues when store manager is unavailable
  •  Attends all staff training labs, cuppings, and extracurricular functions
  •  Is of assistance to store Retail Manager in whatever facet is needed



Office Administrator

The role of the Office Administrator is to support day-to-day administrative and office functions by coordinating e-commerce activities, customer service resolutions, inventory management, and office administration. This is a dynamic position that requires exceptional communication, organization and an eye for improving workflows. This position reports to the Wholesale Customer Service Manager.

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General Customer Service

  •  Routes telephone calls and voicemails for all departments/individuals,
  •  including cafes
  •  Responds to customer service inquiries received via telephone and email (info@, hello@)
  •  Works with the Fulfillment Team to facilitate on-site pickups of orders


E-Commerce Orders

  •  Manages e-commerce customer service, responses and resolutions (includes responding to all types of inquiries submitted through the web, including questions about coffees, questions about using the website, requests for lists of our stockists in specific cities, customer complaints regarding USPS deliveries, etc.)
  •  Processes e-commerce refunds and adjustments (includes updating and amending transactions through e-commerce back end, using Spree, Recurly, and Authorize.net)
  •  Monitor e-commerce fraud alerts and preventative review of pre-processed orders
  •  Prepares e-commerce orders to be fulfilled. Including batch printing and sorting of invoices, creating shipping labels, and moving merchandise to the fulfillment line
  •  Downloads and delivers sales reporting as needed to Accounting Department


Merchandise Inventory

  •  Performs the end-of-month, manual inventory count of our Wholesale,
  •  Retail, and E-Commerce merchandise
  •  Receives Wholesale merchandise deliveries from Fulfillment
  •  Assists with setup, implementation, and administration of future merchandise inventory system


Monthly Offerings

  •  Creates new Menu Alerts to SG cafes by email blast with new and expired offerings
  •  Compile and distribute collateral materials (shelf talkers, training materials) for account managers



  •  Maintains office orderliness and shared spaces such as the employee lounge and kitchen appliances
  •  Oversees general office supplies, and coordinates with Accounting Department to order accordingly


General Overall

  •  Functions as a team member within the organization and performs duties assigned to best serve the company
  •  Other duties as assigned



  •  2+ years of relevant administrative experience, e-commerce a plus
  •  Strong verbal and written communication skills
  •  Strong organizational skills
  •  Ability to strategize, multi-task and execute on numerous projects
  •  Ability to manage and prioritize daily and weekly tasks
  •  Self-starter, owns responsibilities and works autonomously
  •  Team player with the ability to work and think interdepartmentally
  •  Able to ascend/descend stairs and/or ladder to conduct equipment inventory and move equipment
  •  Frequent lift up to 50 pounds


Assistant Market Manager

The Assistant Market Manager is responsible for supporting the operations of the Sightglass Farmer’s Market operation, including working with market vendors, regular customers, tourists, CUESA (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture) Management, and Sightglass Managers and Baristas. The Assistant Market Manager spends the majority of their time on bar, whether in the cafe setting or at the market, exemplifying high standards for their craft. They also provide support to the Market Manager with their administrative duties and as additional leadership on the Farmer’s Market team. The market is a dynamic and unpredictable environment. A successful Assistant Market Manager will be flexible, have high personal standards, gracefully adapt to new challenges, and maintain a positive outlook through it all!

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  •  Ability to maintain a positive demeanor while employing a sense of urgency.
  •  Motivated, energetic, flexible, professional, and dedicated.
  •  Resourceful in challenging situations.
  •  Experience working with potentially hazardous equipment such as gasoline, generators, and propane tanks.
  •  Ability to safely drive and park a moderate-size van or truck.
  •  Good judgment in all situations.
  •  California Driver’s License.
  •  Ability to lift over 50 lbs.



  •  Excellent bar skills.
  •  Upholds high personal standards at all times.
  •  Supports the Market Manager’s vision and systems at all times.
  •  Desires and has the ability to independently act as the Market Manager in their absence, whether planned or unplanned.
  •  Contributes to a positive work environment at all times.
  •  Consistently looks for ways to improve as an individual and as a team.
  •  Maintains positive relations with CUESA management team, market patrons, and market staff.
  •  Maintains knowledge of current offerings and recipes, and confidently and accurately communicates this information to customers and staff.
  •  Places orders for supplies/equipment as needed.
  •  Supports Market Manager by assisting with pre-market preparations.
  •  Demonstrates patience and openness by helping new staff learn the proper market procedures.
  •  Demonstrates excellent attendance and punctuality.
  •  Adheres to all Sightglass policies and procedures.


Sightglass Wholesale Sales Representative, Northern California

The Wholesale Sales Representative oversees the growth and development of brewed coffee channels within the Sightglass Wholesale coffee program, including cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, and other similar businesses. Acting as the face of our brand, this representative ensures the careful representation of Sightglass by thoughtfully identifying each of our new wholesale partners. This role prioritizes in-person engagement with business owners and purchasers who may be a good fit for a wholesale partnership. The day to day work includes effective prospecting and development of new sales opportunities, responding to inbound web or email inquiries promptly, and conducting in-person sales calls, meetings and tastings with potential partners. Experience and a strong interest in Specialty Food and Beverage is vital, as the ability to succeed within this role will require a deep understanding of the nuances of both. This role is also a focal point within the wholesale program as a whole, and largely personifies the overall direction of our visible brand presence within Northern California. This position reports to the Director of Wholesale.

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To identify and secure new partnerships for our brewed coffee channels that display a strong alignment with Sightglass’ brand, dedication to coffee quality and overall cultural values.

To effectively represent the Sightglass brand through engagement and outreach within the Northern California coffee community at large.



30 Days:

  •  Achieve complete proficiency of Sightglass coffee sourcing, roasting and brewing philosophy/methods
  •  Learn the Sightglass sales process both technically and conceptually
  •  Identify and qualify an average of 10 viable brewed coffee channel leads per week
  •  Conduct 3 substantive cold calls with assistance
  •  Conduct a thorough competitive analysis of the brewed coffee market within Northern California


60 Days:

  •  Gain contact information and schedule sales meetings for 5 outbound prospects
  •  Attend and/or assist in 3 wholesale account reviews for existing partners
  •  Qualify, close and onboard 5 new coffee shops, restaurants and/or cafes
  •  Produce a satisfactory Regional Sales Plan for the upcoming Quarter
  •  Identify potential coffee industry events for the upcoming Quarter
  •  Demonstrate the ability to work independently and efficiently



  •  100% completion of sales activity goals, leading up to the assignment of results-based sales goals
  •  Schedule and conduct at least two on-site sales meetings each month
  •  Achieve and maintain complete proficiency of current-month Wholesale coffee offerings list, including specific source information, brewing recipes and roast profiles
  •  Identify and attend relevant industry events
  •  Attend recurring Wholesale team meetings at our 7th street and/or 20th street locations




  •  Timely responses to emails, phone calls, and all other inquiries
  •  High level of verbal and written skill
  •  Clear and direct with day to day correspondence, as well as potentially challenging conversation
  •  Comfortable with public speaking



  •  Excellent time management with individual and group schedules
  •  Efficient use of our shared office and training spaces
  •  Organized in management of shared documents, tasks and team projects


Attention to Detail

  •  Careful thought given to design and aesthetic presentation of all customer facing elements of our wholesale program (collateral, coffees, educational material, cuppings and tastings, etc.)
  •  Measured and thorough with presenting the details of our wholesale program with potential and existing accounts


Self Awareness

  •  Ability to accept constructive criticism
  •  Humble and open minded to new ideas about green/roasted/brewed coffee, sales opportunities, account management, relationship needs, etc.



  •  Speak with confidence about Sightglass and our approach to coffee
  •  Ability to be appropriately direct with wholesale partners and peers



  •  Sensitivity and patience with customers’ frustrations and issues, and awareness of the context of our partnership within their business on a broad level
  •  Understanding of colleagues’ workload, schedules, professional and personal challenges



  •  Contribute to a positive, light-hearted office culture among peers
  •  Ability to bring an upbeat attitude to difficult situations with new and existing wholesale partners



  •  Innately curious about green, roasted, brewed coffee and the business of coffee wholesaling
  •  Eagerness to learn and bring thoughtful ideas to the team
  •  Genuine interest in the business of Specialty Coffee



  •  2 years of Specialty Coffee industry experience
  •  Demonstrated passion and enthusiasm for Specialty Coffee
  •  Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel, online search engines, email, Google docs & calendar management, as well as recognizable strengths in utilizing a variety of online database programs
  •  Must have a current and valid California driver’s license with good driving record
  •  Access to personal vehicle preferred but not required, mileage reimbursement is provided
  • Ability to work full ­time, flexible hours predominantly but not exclusively between Monday­ and Friday
  •  Ability to take occasional overnight travel for specific account and sales visits
  •  Must have the maturity to use discretion and diplomacy in all aspects of the job