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Love Coffee? You're in Good Company.

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We strive to cultivate a distinct and immersive experience for both our employees and customers in and around our coffee bars. To accomplish this, we work to employ a team of truly passionate and talented individuals who possess a genuine drive, curiosity, and desire to learn about our craft and the intricacies that set us apart. If you love coffee and want to learn and grow with us, please apply for one of our current openings.


Our baristas are responsible for contributing to the distinct, educated, and unmatched coffee experience we strive to provide in and around our coffee bars. 

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  •  Demonstrates an enthusiastic desire to work with coffee
  •  Ability to function and be efficient within a team 
  •  Capable of executing multiple tasks at once
  •  Capable of remaining composed under stress
  •  Possesses exceptional level of customer service and professionalism
  •  Maintains an organized and methodical work style
  •  Ability to retain coffee specific knowledge of our current offerings, while exhibiting confidence and clarity when communicating product information




Assistant Manager, 20th Street and 7th Street locations

The Assistant Manager acts as an extension of the Retail Manager and assists them in all aspects of store operations, including decision making, policy creation, hiring and terminating, and disciplinary action. The Assistant Manager plays an essential supporting role in the management hierarchy. They must have incredible communication skills, display leadership talent, and exercise excellent judgment.

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  •  Must be able to maintain a positive demeanor while employing a sense of urgency
  •  Has a logical and methodological approach to problem solving
  •  Maintains excellent attendance and punctuality
  •  Is resourceful in challenging situations
  •  Is capable of leading without being demanding, and is supportive without being overbearing
  •  Is able to communicate clearly, honestly and promptly
  •  Is motivated, flexible, professional, and dedicated
  •  Practices good judgment in all situations



  •  Communicates all staff difficulties, triumphs, and feedback to Retail Manager
  •  Adheres to all company policies and protocols, and holds all coffee bar employees to that standard
  •  Aids in hiring and recruitment endeavors, including leading interviews and shift “stages”
  •  Aids in monitoring store performance including daily sales, waste management, and profitability analyses
  •  Coaches/mentors staff as necessary.  Aids in policy creation
  •  Places orders for supplies/equipment as needed and directed by manager.  Maintains positive relations with vendors
  •  Ensures adherence to the company’s dress code, as well as all health and safety requirements
  •  Maintains coffee knowledge on current offerings, and confidently and accurately communicates product information to customers and staff
  •  Handles all customer complaints/issues when store manager is unavailable
  •  Attends all staff training labs, cuppings, and extracurricular functions
  •  Is of assistance to store Retail Manager in whatever facet is needed




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